January 17, 2018



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“If You Can Read This Page –You Can Make a Fortune “Flipping Houses”

Successful Real Estate Investor Reveals His Secrets!

How to Get Paid $5,000 to $10,000 a Month by Just

Finding Houses for Investors!

What if I told you there’s a fantastic way to make money – big money – in real estate without ever having to actually touch a piece of property?

What if I told you there’s a method of acquiring property without laying out a single cent of your own money? Without even buying it in the first place?

And what if I said that within a week to nine days after applying this method you could very well walk away with an absolute minimum of $5,000 cash in your pocket. And when I say absolute minimum, I mean absolute minimum. Every single penny of it profit for you. Every dime going directly into your hands.

index No Money Needed

index No License Needed

index Bad or No Credit Okay  

index Set Your Own Hours  

index No Office Overhead  

indexNo Employees

index Work From Home  

indexSpendable Cash in 30 Days 

indexNo Boss

indexPart Time

index Unlimited Income 

index Full Time 


You’d probably think I was nuts – but you’d be dead wrong.

Now Stay With MeGlen_Portrait

I’m Glen Gallucci – business owner and professional real estate investor – and I’ve done this very thing time and time again. Making a minimum of $5,000 each transaction and often many times that amount. In fact paydays of $7,000, $10,000, $20,000 or even more are not at all uncommon.

But let’s be very clear about something right from the beginning. This isn’t a marketing scam or one of those “get rich quick” schemes you’ll see on late night TV. It’s an absolutely legitimate business that’ll put hard cold cash in your bank account faster than you thought possible. But only for those who’ll apply themselves and follow my course. Like everything else in life – you’ll get out what you put in.

Welcome to the world of “Real Estate Wholesaling” – or in simple terms – finding and “flipping” distressed homes to willing and eager real estate investors.

You’re a Middleman Providing a Service

It’s what we in the business call “flipping a sale.” You get it, then “flip” it to another investor. All at a very nice, juicy profit.

This is a very lucrative market – but only for those who know what they’re doing. You might have seen other sites tout that somehow this is “forbidden knowledge.” That only a select few even know about it – and fewer still will let you in on the secrets.


There’s nothing secret about this business – except how to do it right!

Thousands of people no smarter or luckier than you make a wonderful living doing what I lay out – step by step – in this course. It’s taken me 30 years of experience to come up with a consistent winning method. A method that practically guarantees you success. Success that’s spelled out for you in exacting detail.

So forget about the hype you’ll see on other sites. You want the hands-down best guide to making quick profits by “flipping” distressed property? Go no further. You’ve come to the right place.

Your Credit Situation Doesn’t Matter

Let me also be quite clear on something else. You don’t need startup money to be successful. You can enter this business with great credit, lousy credit or no credit. You could have declared bankruptcy and lost every cent you had. It truly doesn’t matter.

There are literally no barriers to your success. Except of course by not acting now.

Let Me Explain

You know what the number one problem is with the other courses? I’ll tell you. They usually begin by saying – “Find a piece of property at below market value and re-sell it at a profit.”

Gee – you think! That takes a rocket scientist to figure out, right? Of course that’s how you make money. But how exactly do you find the property in the first place? Then how do you know if it’s  a “Go or a Gonner?” How do you re-sell it? How do you find the investors to flip it to?

Not just in general, but specifically. Step by Step.

You’ll find all these things in my course – and more. Much more.

Step by Step Method

You see – there’s no big dark secret to making money in this business. But there is a method. A process that you must follow if you want to succeed. Follow my process and you’ll be cashing five figure checks on a regular basis. Go it alone and you’ll more than likely find yourself worse off than before.

Why? Because there are certain steps you must take – and take in the proper order. Miss a step, try and short circuit the process, and you won’t succeed. It’s that plain and simple.

Blueprint for Success

I’ll tell you what you have to look out for. I’ll tell you what to do first, then second, then third .. all the way to cashing your check. (What you then do with your money is up to you!)

With my unique process you’ll never be alone. You’ll never be scratching your head and wondering what comes next. It’s like following a blueprint for success.

Do it right and you’ll be a winner. Don’t follow my advice and you’ll be sorry.

Listen – I haven’t been successful because of luck. I was born in the Bronx – and no one gave me anything on a silver platter. I worked for what I have – and worked hard. And yep – I sure made a lot of mistakes along the way. Mistakes that you won’t be making – because I’ll let you know the pitfalls to avoid before you make them!

“I just used one of your simple techniques to secure a property, and I am now flipping it for a $53,000 profit!”
Winston Wiles,
Maplewood, NJ

No Guesswork Involved

For instance, do you know the exact formula to use when deciding if a property is worth your time or not?

I do – and give it to you. Not only that, but I’ll show you how to use it. Follow it, plug in the numbers and you’ll never lose money. Go by “gut feelings” and well .. it’ll be best for you to stay out of the game.

This is a business. A profession. And professionals don’t make “guesses” or go on hunches. That’s for chumps. The Pro’s use cold hard facts to come up with a plan of action. And I give you those cold hard facts. One after another.

You’re going to find out who to approach – and who to avoid like the plague.

You’re going to find out what you must have in perfect order before you even begin to contact your buying investors.

And you’re going to learn what contracts to use, what professionals will help you succeed, and best of all – how to quickly and accurately price the entire deal so that you’ll actually know your profit beforehand!  


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checkmarksmWhere to Look

In this course you’re going to learn exactly where to find these distressed houses. What neighborhoods you should investigate – and which you shouldn’t. Once you’ve learned your prime targets – I’ll show you the exact type of properties to consider. You should never waste your time on projects that  won’t work – and you’ll find out exactly which ones to avoid. But more on this in a bit.

checkmarksmFinding Investors

You’re probably thinking this all sounds good and proper – but who’s going to finance these projects? Or in a nutshell: Who’s going to cough up the cash? Especially if your credit rating is less than stellar (perhaps a lot less!)

Don’t worry. You won’t be using your money! I not only show you exactly who and where these investors are – but how to get their attention and their cash.

In fact – follow my advice and these “cash cows”  will be calling you! This isn’t hype or blue sky fantasy. I mean it. When you have a honest deal in your hands – investors will be tripping over themselves to be first on your list.

checkmarksmWhat to Do, How to Do It

You’re going to find out exactly how to approach these investors. What to have in your hands beforehand. What to say to them – word for word. How to advertise for them. How to deal with them. How to follow up after your initial conversation.

And – very important – how you’ll get them to take out their checkbooks and invest. It’s not at all hard – you just have to know what you’re doing. And after taking my course – you will know what you’re doing. But hold on – I’m even going to let you in on the type of investor to avoid as well! All investors aren’t equal – not by a long shot. Some aren’t even legitimate players. After taking this course, you’ll know which ones to keep and which to politely turn away.

checkmarksmSpecific Properties to Choose

Remember above I said you’d find out more about which properties will put hard cold cash in your pockets? Well here’s how.

checkmarksmUsing the Best Technique

Technique? Maybe other courses give you a couple of suggestions. Here you‘ll find EIGHT of the most profitable techniques to find great money making deals available.  Then you’ll discover another SEVEN ways to find the right property after that. If you can’t find a method that suits you – I’d suggest you go back to bed and continue dreaming.

checkmarksmKey to Success

I’m going to let you in on the one thing – the absolute key – to making huge piles of money. Ready? It’s called the “motivated seller.” Find one of these and your success is practically guaranteed. But you’re probably asking yourself “That’s nice. How do I find them?”

This course has that covered as well – in detail. You’re going to find out who these “motivated sellers” are. Where they are. How to find them. You’ll learn the exact steps to take. And believe me, the results will pay off big time.

How to contact them. How to write them and what to write to get their attention. How to deal with them so that both of you come out ahead. The classic “win-win” situation so that in the end they’ll actually be thanking you for helping them!

checkmarksmSetting a Value

I touched briefly on this before. So how do you know if a deal is worth it? Some of the properties you’ll see are going to look pretty shabby. But don’t be put off – many of these are actually gold mines ready to pay off for both you and your investor.

I said that there’s a formula you’ll be using. By using this formula you’re going to know

1) How much you should offer the owner and

2) How much you can charge as a fee to “flip” it to an investor.

You’ll get the exact worksheet to use – with examples on how to use it. After filling out this form – you’ll know if a piece of property is worthwhile and how much profit is in it for you.

You’re also going to find out how to estimate repairs. Like I said, some of these properties might not be in prime condition. But after fixing them up – they’ll be gems. With wholesaling you won’t be involved with the repair work.
That’s the investors job. But you’ll still have to know how it’s done. That way you can come up with an approximate estimate of repairs and nail down a winning offer.

checkmarksmLegal Documents (all documents reviewed by your attorney)

There are only two documents you must use to control and flip a piece of property. And I show you what these documents are. But you’ll also get a powerful bonus of yet another two documents that’ll set you apart from the amateurs. The documents are all printed for you to show to your investor or lawyer for approval to use in your state. You’ll even get actual samples filled out – so that you know what information you’ll need before closing the deal.

“I was very excited to make $15,000 for a couple of days work!”
Tunde Dada
Newark, NJ


This course comes packed with six CD’s and two manuals bursting with information. Everything you’ll need to be a success in flipping houses – and cashing fat checks.

index CD 1            Introduction to the World of Real Estate Wholesaling

index CD 2            Getting Started in Your New Money Making Business

index CD 3            Finding Properties – All About Foreclosures

index CD 4            Making Offers – Your Profits – Estimating Repairs

index CD 5            Contracts – Closing the Deal – Getting Paid

index CD 6            All the Forms, Letters and Contracts on CD for You to Use

I Want You To Succeed

If this was all you got – it would be more than worth the investment you’ll make. But that’s not all. With this Wholesaling Course you’re going to get these FIVE BONUS FEATURES:  

dollarbuttonBonus 1: Twenty Common Questions and Mistakes Made by Wholesalers.

When you start out in this business of “flipping houses” you’ll naturally have a lot of questions. This guide answers the most common ones. It even points the most common mistakes beginners make. Things you won’t be doing – because you’ll have the inside track on how to avoid them!

dollarbuttonBonus 2: Twenty Eight Ways to Find Motivated Sellers.

Some are obvious – some aren’t. But with 28 ways to find ‘em there’s no excuse not to be cashing your first check in no time flat.

dollarbuttonBonus 3: Credit Repair Made Easy. 

Even though your credit rating doesn’t matter when “flipping” properties – it does have an impact on other areas in your life. Learn how to repair poor credit scores. These are the exact same methods used by attorneys and credit counselors
– only you won’t have to fork over $400 to $3,000 dollars to find out! And …This could be a service you can provide to the seller for an additional source of income. Fix their credit for a fee!

dollarbuttonBonus 4: The “WOW” Formula. 

Want to be certain of getting the absolute top dollar on your deals? Then this is for you. This will sort out the profit makers from the money pits. It’s a simple yet extremely powerful way to make sure that you’ll never lose money on a project. Not only that – but this simple guide shows you when you can make $10,000 to $15,000 or more per deal! It’s Priceless!

dollarbuttonBonus 5: Plan of Action.

There’s two things that are bottom line requirements in this business. You have to be organized and you have to have a plan. Any professional can tell you that. But I go one further – I give you a complete checklist to make sure you’re on track. Over forty items are listed. By using this plan you’ll know what you need, when you need at any given moment.



Listen – I’ve developed this course so that you’d have to work mighty hard NOT to succeed. In fact – for the life of me I can’t figure out how anyone could possible fail by using my methods.

Nothing less is acceptable. Other courses offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. Of course – if you’re like most people, you might want more time to study and apply the methods described. So … guess what? I don’t give you 30 days.

I give you 60 Days!

That’s no typo. That’s just how confident I am about this course. So, get my course. Study it. Apply yourself. If after sixty days you don’t feel it’s everything I said it was – I’ll refund every penny of your purchase price. No hassles. No questions. No exceptions.  It’s that simple.
(Click Here to review guarantee.)

Act Now and Save $100

The Wholesaling Course is set to sell for a very reasonable $697. But it’s still relatively new, and I naturally want it to do well. So … here’s the deal. Act now and I’ll take a full $100 off the price.

That means the entire course – the 6 CD’s, 2 no holds barred fact filled manuals and the five bonus features mentioned above are all yours for only $597.

Of course – the 60 Day Guarantee still stands as well.

But this price won’t last forever. Like I said. I’m a businessman. And when word gets out about this course and my sales explode  – the price goes back.

But Glen – I see other books and courses similar to yours for less money. What gives?

What gives is simply this. It’s like someone offering you a “real Rolex watch” for fifty bucks. Can’t be done. You wind up getting a fake that looks nice, but won’t work. Well my course is for real – and it works!

You get what you pay for. My course is a proven system for making huge sums of money. If someone walked up to you right now and showed you how to make a minimum of $5,000 in real estate in less than 30 days, month after month, without using any of your own money or credit, would you be interested? Of course you would. You’d gladly pay ten times the price of this course.

It’s like someone offering you a “real Rolex watch” for fifty bucks. Can’t be done. You wind up getting a fake that looks nice, but won’t work. Well my course is for real – and it works! .

Just in Case You’re Wavering ….

Listen … I know that dealing in real estate can be a bit intimidating. I know that you’re wondering if everything I say is on the up and up. You’re probably asking yourself: “Can I really – really – make money doing this?” The answer is: Absolutely Yes! And I’m not just talking out of my hat either.

Real people – just like you are already cashing in big checks. People like:

Winston Wiles of Maplewood, NJ who’s recently  flipped a property for $53,000 – PROFIT!

Michael O’Connor who made $39,000 on just one deal. Or

Bonnie Ladds who wrote:“It works like a recipe for a cake. Just follow the directions.”

These are just a few of comments we got from people who’ve just taken our course. Want more convincing proof? At the end of this page you can view additional client testimonials.

And just to further prove to you that this is the real McCoy ….

I’ll Buy Your Contract!

You’ve read right. I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I’m so sure that you’ll be successful, so sure that my course is the best there is, that if you can’t find a cash investor,  I’ll pay you for finding the right property.

Get my course. Study it. Follow the step by step plan. Find a piece of property. If you’ve done your homework, and it meets the criteria set down in my course – I’ll Buy Your Contract!

Why? First and foremost, I’m a businessman. I make no bones about it. I like making money. If you bring me a valid deal – it’s a “win-win” situation. I’d be crazy to turn down a hefty profit. And I’d be privileged to sign a thick, juicy check over in your name. (Just try and find this offer in any other course!)

And here’s the proof: Tunde Data (Newark, New Jersey) e-mailed me with his deal. I paid him $15,000 for a property he found just a couple days earlier. His total investment was a $500 deposit, which he got back from me!

Then there’s Bill Brightwell. I paid him $10,000 for a property he brought me in Elizabeth, NJ.  He didn’t even give anyone a deposit. He just brought me the deal for a quick and very lucrative pay day!

For complete details on this offer, just click here.

So why keep your future on hold any longer?


Best regards,


Glen Gallucci  

P.S. – I almost forgot. Do you know the best thing about this business? If you think it’s the money – you’re wrong. (But money is a very close second!) It’s simply this: Being your own boss. Calling your own shots. Finally scraping your begging bowl. No one – and I mean no one – will ever be able to call you into a corner office and say “You’re Fired.” And believe me – that is one very sweet feeling!

P.P.S. Still not 100% convinced? Then read here. Testimonials from real people who’ve taken my advice and are now in charge of their own lives.

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“I was amazed how quick you came with my check”

Thanks for being so quick with your decision to buy the property I found. I was amazed how quick you came with my check. I was very excited to make $15,000 for a couple of days work!
Tunde Dada
Newark, NJ

“… you paying me a cool $10,000 for my flipping fee”

It was a pleasure doing business with you. I especially like your professionalism along with you paying me a cool $10,000 for my flipping fee on the property! I will be contacting you again with more properties.

Bill Brightwell
Paterson, NJ

“I just used one of your simple techniques… and I am now flipping it for a $53,000 profit!”

 “Your course material is definitely different than the rest. I thought I saw and heard it all from other courses. But yours takes it to a whole different level. I just used one of your simple techniques to secure a property, and I am now flipping it for a $53,000 profit! That’s pretty good for a $100 investment. Thank you for revealing how this amazinglysimple method works. I plan to do this many more times this year.”
Winston Wiles
Maplewood, NJ

“It works like a recipe for a cake. Just follow the directions.”

Glen’s course material has been the guide for me to get started investing in real estate. It works like a recipe for a cake. Just follow the directions. There is no guess work involved.

know exactly what to offer on properties. I know when I have a deal and most importantly, when to move on to the next property.
Bonnie Ladds
New York

“…given me the guidance and confidence” 

Your course has given me the guidance and confidence to go and secured a property for $90,000 and then flipped it to another investor for $129,000!
Michael O’Connor
Secaucus, NJ

“Hands down it is the best Rehab Package by far and I have seen many packages in 14 years of Real Estate Investing”

For years Glen has helped hundreds of investors in our Association begin their rehab business. I am glad that he has created this educational series of books for rehabbers. Hands down it is the best Rehab Package by far and I have seen many packages in 14 years of Real Estate Investing.

Tony Reaves, President of The National Real Estate Investors Association 2005 and The Founder of Your Learning Center.

It’s worth it!”

“I’ve learned how to confidently make an offer and I now understand the rehab process. To anyone thinking about getting Glen’s material…Go and do it. It’s worth it!”
Fidelis Bomba
Bloomfield, NJ

“Excellent Course. It’s worth every penny. I highly recommend it!”
Catherine Bozeman
New York City

Very informative. Will not put you to sleep!”
Felicia Kulig
Union City, NJ

“Glen’s knowledge and experience matched with his humor makes this an enjoyable course.”

Chris Edmonds,
Lake Hiawatha, NJ

“Glen’s course will help you & make you successful, It’s the best course I’ve ever taken in real estate.”

Bridgewater, NJ

“Really Great Information. All the details no one else is talking about. Very Interesting!”

Jacqueline Albert
New York City

The insights you get from Glen are priceless!”

“A must for anyone thinking of investing in any area of real estate. The insights you get from Glen are priceless!”
Dorian Abreu
Huntington, NY

“You will learn more invaluable information in 5 minutes from Glen than you will in 5 hours from anyone else”

“If you can only listen to one real estate guru – make it Glen Gallucci. You will learn more invaluable information in 5 minutes from Glen than you will in 5 hours from anyone else. He’s done it all and he shares his vast reservoir of experience, including mistakes to avoid, in the most tell-it-like-it-is presentation you will ever hear.”

Bruce Baker, Real Estate Appraiser and Investor
Westfield, NJ

“a privilege to listen to and learn from!”  

“Real world, streetwise know-how delivered with humor and wit, and combined with down-to-earth advice and guidance that comes from years of experience makes Glen Gallucci, a truly Seasoned Investor, a privilege to listen to and learn from!”

Marlene Green
Jersey City, New Jersey  

“His forms were invaluable and I have used them many times over”

Glen has that uncanny ability to break down the field of rehabbing & wholesaling in such a way as to make it enjoyable, extremely interesting and easy to follow. His forms were invaluable and I have used them many times over. I would recommend Glen highly to anyone seeking to proceed in the right direction in the field of Real Estate Investing.”
Peter R. Hemingway
Westchester, New York

“I whole-heartedly recommend your course”

I can think of very few teachers out there that can literally take a beginning investor by the hand and lead him to success in the world of single family rehabbing business. I whole-heartedly recommend your course to anyone who is looking to get started properly in the world of real estate.”
Jonathan Olaso
New Jersey

“You are good, no doubt about it.”

”You have no idea how useful your lessons have been. I recently gained courage to buy and rehab a property that is giving me very nice cash flow in Newark, largely because of the knowledge gained from your training. You are good, no doubt about it.”
Wambugu Thuo
Fords, New Jersey


“Without a doubt Glen has been a major contributor to my Real Estate education”

I can now walk into a house and in 20 minutes have a ballpark estimate of repairs. Without a doubt Glen has been a major contributor to my Real Estate education. Most importantly he has removed the Fear of the unknown when walking into an ugly house.”
Mohit S. Jain
Edison, NJ

“a must for anyone who is serious about their real estate business”

“Thank you for all the valuable information, insight and motivational inspiration that you have provided us over the past year.  You are one of the best “wholesale” and “rehab” speakers out there and you are definitely a “Seasoned Investor”. Your course is a textbook for real world investing and a must for anyone who is serious about their real estate business. You’ve made a huge difference in our lives. God Bless and Best wishes.”
Alvin & Marlene Lambert
Bronx, NY  

“He is Simply the Best”

“Glen is more than A Seasoned Investor. He is also a Mentor and a fabulous teacher. He is Simply the Best.”Patricia Reaves, President of The Garden State Real Estate Investors Association 2004 and 2005   www.gsreia.com

Thank you so much, you are AWESOME!”
Mary and Art M.
Summit, NJ


Order Both Home Study Courses and Save!
Get this Retailing Home Study Course and the
Wholesaling Home Study Course

Buy It Fix It Flip It

for a Huge Discount!

Both Courses Regularly $597.00 each totaling $1194.00

Now Get Both for Only $894.00 – Wow, a $300 Savings!!


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